A Life-Changing Experience!
Live a Life of Joy and Fulfillment!

e invite you to experience the adventure of your life, be gently pampered, receive channeled messages and energies from the dolphins, whales, angels and ascended masters and join us for a magical week in Paradise at one of our Hawaiian Dolphin Retreats, Hawaiian Whale Retreats or our Whales of Tonga Retreats!

Change your life from the core of your heart and join us for a week of heavenly bliss and joyous spiritual unfolding with a small, intimate group of like-minded souls as we swim with hundreds of dolphins.

Click on the photograph above to read about this visual gift from the dolphins confirming the wave of love we create within our group ... a phenomenon of extraordinary manifestation of Spirit taken at our Level II Mastering Joy Retreat. Photographed by Deanna Myson and Calvin Merritt

spinner dolphin from below“This workshop was the most profound of the many, many workshop/seminar experiences I’ve participated in. I’m deeply moved and found a connection with myself and Spirit through the many dimensions that are new for me to hold in the third. You have been able this week to help me understand that what my mind thought was impossible and out of reach is here and now and not only possible but is. You are each an amazing and beautiful gift to us all.” Patricia C., MFCC

"The seminar was much, much more than I imagined. This time with Trish and Doug opened my heart more than I thought possible. I have never felt so much love from Spirit. Everything about the whole seminar ... the extraordinary meditations, the guided journeys, those fabulous dinners with a new loving family ... the whole experience, in addition to being so close to the dolphins was so wonderful, so perfect, brought so many unexpected gifts. I can't possibly thank you adequately for all your kindnesses ... there is no way to put a number value on expanding the heart, experiencing love, and receiving magic." ...Sara S. Ph.D. (see what other people say)

Swimming with Humpback WhalesWe have been living here in Paradise (Big Island), swimming with wild dolphins, & conducting small, intimate spiritual dolphin retreats since 1994. Our lives have changed dramatically with the powerful energies of these wondrous angels of the sea . . . and yours can too!


We also offer humpback whale swims in Tahiti and Tonga . . . along with other spiritual, personal growth gifts to help you to move from the old "matrix" into the freedom of Essential Joy: Books, CDs, Soul Readings, Accommodations and other Workshops. We would love to speak with you in person . . . please call toll free 1-800-874-8555.

With warm Aloha and Peace,
Doug and Trish

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