Most Asked Questions

1) Where are your retreats conducted?
We conduct our Dolphin Retreats in our beautiful home in Captain Cook on the Big Island of Hawaii. We have two guest bedrooms, so the first four people to register will stay in our home the whole time; those who register after that will be housed for sleeping only at an apartment next door or another home around the corner from us or the Manago Hotel. This will be only at sleep times and the rest of the time they will be here in our home with the group for meals, meetings, etc.

2) Do I have to be a good swimmer or have snorkel experience to take part in the dolphin retreats?
No, not at all. We have worked with thousands of people from all over the world....many who have never snorkeled or know how to swim. Doug is the expert with beginners and knows how to teach snorkeling and makes sure that people feel comfortable in the ocean and have fabulous experiences with the dolphins. On the first day, we always take the group to a shallow bay to learn how to snorkel, make sure the gear is working properly and become comfortable. We have swim supports to hold onto if needed. Doug is 100% successful in creating safety and comfort in the ocean.

3) What about food restrictions and allergies?
We do our best to make sure that all participants' dietary needs are taken care of. We always have you fill out and sign a waiver with your dietary restrictions so that we know what to expect. On the first night, we only serve chicken and fish dishes (if you are a vegetarian we will provide vegetarian alternatives for you.) If you have very special needs, we can take you to a health food store so that you can purchase extras for yourself. For breakfast each day we provide scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, toast and for those who wish cereal and yogurt. If you have other needs, you can purchase that at the nearby health food store. The luau has many choices of fabulous food.

4) What meals are included in the cost of the retreat?
We provide one dinner and one authentic Hawaiian Luau with entertainment. All the breakfasts are provided (see above) as well as four lunches while we are on the boats. On the "free day," Wednesday, you will need to pay for your own lunch and dinner. For three nights during the retreat, we take the group to local restaurants for great meals that are only about $15 or so ... those nights are self pay. If you are taking the optional volcano tour, there will be opportunities for getting your meals on the road. If you go to town for the afternoon, many like to stay in town for dinner.

5) Do you have cats or dogs?
No, we do not have any pets so if you have animal allergies, you will be safe here.

6) Can we touch or pet the dolphins on the swims?
Since the dolphins that we swim with are wild and free, we do not try to touch them. This is good dolphin etiquette. We keep our hands to our sides and just kick gently and evenly and match their energy as we swim along with them. The magic of being right in the middle of the pod is so extraordinary, and their sonar can reach us even from five miles away, we do not need to actually touch them to receive all the benefits of the dolphin energy.

7) How many people can you take in your retreats?
We can take up to twelve participants. Our average number of participants is about six to eight for each retreat. We enjoy small groups where we can really bond as a family. The captain of the boat that we charter needs at least four people in order to take the boat out. He usually has that number, but if we only had two in our retreat and there was one day that the boat did not go out, we would do a shore swim on that day if we cannot find another boat (this is very rare.)

8) What is the average age of participants and are there singles and couples?
Our retreats are open to anyone from the age of about 10 to ??? We have had children join our retreats with their parents who are open to meditation and are comfortable in a group of adults. We also have had people in their eighties. We may have one or two couples and some singles as well. Many times we will have single women come alone and we provide a roommate for them. It always is perfect and we all get along beautifully.

9) My spouse is not really on a spiritual path like I am. Will he/she feel comfortable?
We have had many couples attend our retreats since 1994 and it is especially wonderful when one of the spouses is just opening up spiritually! We provide such a loving and safe space for everyone that our groups are open to all who are drawn to come and join us. We have lots of fun and laughs and no one feels pressured to believe anything other than what is true for them. People always have the choice to join the gatherings or not (in the past, most everyone has chosen to join.... and they have the best time of all!) We have seen so many transformations occur......especially for those who have been closed.

10) If I come alone, will I feel comfortable?
We have been conducting these life changing retreats since 1994 and, other than one instance, have never had a participant who wasn't totally satisfied with the whole experience. We provide a very loving and safe environment where each person is honored and respected. We become a "family" very early in the week and have lots of fun in the process.

11) What about inexpensive airline flights?
Here are web sites that often offer great prices for flights and specials. Also, check your local Sunday newspaper's travel section.
Also try for specials: Hawaiian Airline, Alaskan Airline, United Airline, Aloha Airline, American Airline

12) What is the best time of year to swim with dolphins?
The dolphins are plentiful all times of the year. In January, the ocean can be rough so we do not conduct our retreats then (only at the end of January at times). In February and March, the humpback whales are here so it is especially exciting as we see many whales as well! We cannot legally swim with the whales here in the US but often the whales will come right up to our boats. It is spectacular. The weather is perfect and hot most daytimes year-round (75 to 85 degrees) and then in the winter cools down a bit at night (you might only need a sweater at night.)

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