Finding True, Blessed Love


Finding True, Blessed Love
by Trish Regan and Doug Hackett

Have you always wished to attract your life partner, a love that is blessed and sacred, but have been having difficulty making your dream come true?

We have been married in what we call Sacred Partnership since 1992 and would like to share the process that we used to find each other. This process, we found, was partly intuitively given to us and partially learned from the wisdom of others. We experienced it in different ways and found that, in our determination to find true love, when we focused our attention to these steps, our meeting was inevitable and in perfect timing or each of our lives.

We both wished to find our beloved after years of heartache and experience in relationship, divorce and other types of dysfunctional partnership. All of our lives we yearned to be whole and complete and to travel the pathways of life with our Spiritual Partners by our side. We desired to be bonded in love, a love so powerful and deep it could take two souls and create a brilliant spirit of blended and unified light.

Spiritual Partnership takes normal relationship to a higher degree of experience. It means that each person first is whole unto does not need another in order to be fulfilled, happy and in joy. We do whatever it takes to find the essence of our inner selves so that we can love ourselves unconditionally, be it counseling, spiritual healing, personal growth workshops. Then we can participate in relationship without having expectations that our partner will meet our needs which frees the relationship to soar to heights of joy and freedom that can be an exquisite dance of oneness and separateness altogether within the sacred union.

The other aspect of Spiritual Partnership is that we honor the other’s spiritual growth and exploration of their purpose on the planet and support their journey in whatever way that we can. We observe those aspects of the other’s personality that aggravate or upset us as a mirror for that which needs healing within ourselves. We also take responsibility for our own feelings, refraining from blaming our partner for our problems and troubles. This shift from the old way of relationship frees the union to support each person’s individuality at the same time that our lives are intertwined in unconditional love.

Five tried and true steps to attract your true, blessed love
1) Heal and complete past relationships
We know that it is difficult to find one’s true love if one is tied to the past, to former relationships which bind one in dysfunctional connections or unfinished emotional baggage. When we are tied to the past or have anger or resentment tugging at our hearts, even though buried deep within our consciousness, our psyches are not prepared to receive the clear signal when a possible love comes into our lives. In fact, it is nearly impossible for our energy to connect with our possible partner because of the blockage of the flow of energy from our hearts.

What can be done is to sit in quiet, ask your heart who you need to make completion with and allow that person to become apparent to you. When that person becomes clear to you, write a letter to them with the intention that you will come to compassion and forgiveness. If that intention is clear, it will happen if you will write out all of your feelings and spend at least a half hour doing so. This letter is not to be given to that person but it used to allow your feelings to emerge from your subconscious. By the end of the letter you will find that you will feel very differently about this person and will be able to truly forgive and let go in the following process.

When the letter is complete, then you can imagine that you are expressing the highest of yourself, you are in your highest radiance. In your imagination allow that person to stand before you and send love to them from your heart to theirs (you can see this as a pink light of love.) Then send compassion into their heart. You can tell them that you thank them for being your teacher, you love them and forgive them. And then see with your mind’s eye if there are any unconscious cords or streams of energy attaching your body to theirs. Symbolically cut the cords and let them go to their highest destiny. This is very powerful and will free you to be open to the right and perfect partner for you.

2) Make a list of what you want in relationship
Find a quiet space and spend some time getting very clear about what you wish to bring into your life in a relationship. Make a list of all of the qualities you wish in a partner. Be specific and write these qualities in present tense as if you/they already have them (for example, “I have a partner who loves me as much, if not more, than I love them.”

3) Change your negative beliefs
After you have made your list of qualities you want to manifest in your partner, read each one separately and ask your inner self if you really believe that that is possible. Write down any negative beliefs that may come up (such as, “I will never find a man/woman who will love me as much as I love them.”) Then imagine that belief written on a chalk board in front of your mind. Erase that belief and write the one you wish to manifest and feel what it will feel like to have that. Do this for each of the negative beliefs.

4) Feel yourself having the relationship you want
It is a common belief that if we can feel the emotion, the bodily sensation and the sense of something for a few minutes with all of our senses, we can bring that into our existence. Imagine that you are being held by your future beloved. You are feeling the immense joy and fulfillment that will come when you are in the arms of the one you love. Really be there and “see” this scene from many perspectives (in front of the scene, behind it and from different spaces.) Exaggerate the feelings for seventeen seconds and then let it go.

5) Ask for this and then let go of your attachment
The next step is to ask the universe for this gift of love. Unless we ask, the universe does not know what we truly want. Be very clear.

The very last step is to let your desire and dream go for the highest good and to the will of the universe and the higher plan for you. It is when we are attached to our desires that the energy keeps us from opening to receiving what we want and even, perhaps, something even better. Our attachments prevent the other person from receiving our unconscious signals and we may simply miss the opportunity of meeting our truest love by our unwillingness to be open to the highest and best that our souls have in store for us.

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