Dolphin & Whale Stories

Our Magical Whale Encounters
in Tonga (2006)

As usual, the humpback whales greeted us with open fins and created for us extraordinary sensory and spiritual experiences. We were immersed in their all encompasing field of energy every magical moment as we bathed in the beauty of Tonga. Here are two of the best stories:

On the last day of the first week's retreat, we had the honor of being in the presence of a mother, calf and escort for four hours. They graciously allowed us within just a few feet and we were surprised by the mother's invitation to be so close to her baby. Since only four people plus a guide are allowed with the whales each time, when it was Doug's and my turn to get in together with two of our participants, Sheri and Ian, the whale trio gave us an incredible gift. Just as we gently slipped into the water about thirty feet above them, they began to sing to us for a few timeless moments. This was very unusual behavior and we have never seen this sort of activity. Usually one whale is found singing by itself and its song continues for hours. We knew the song was just for us and created a vibration in our bodies that awakened all of our senses and expanded our minds and hearts. The telepathic message we received from them was that they were activating a very deep aspect of our selves and assisting us to become "transparant and translucent." In other words, this was an activation to help us to allow our fifth dimensional energy Light Bodies to shine forth in a much more powerful way than we had previously allowed. A magical moment suspended in time.

That night, in our meditation, I envisioned five whales surrounding us. As we went deep into that refined inner space, they communicated with each of us individually and we were floating in bliss for some time. Very early the next morning, as Doug sat quietly on the beach in front of our fale in the dark before sunrise, he heard the soft blow of a few whales only a few yards away within the channel in front of our resort.. He waited another twenty minutes and sure enough....there were two or three blows. He excitedly came into our room and woke me with the words, "There are whales right outside our door!" We waited together for another twenty minutes and as the sky began to become filled with the soft light of sunrise we heard now the unmistakable blows of the whales breath. We rushed to awaken everyone, quickly got our gear and piled into kayaks to go out and greet the whales.

As we gently paddled out into the channel, we heard another set of blows coming from the south. We looked and there we saw three more whales coming into the channel to greet us. It was a mother, calf and escort. They come right up to the edge of our resort beach to greet the retreat participants who chose to stay on shore, turned and circled us two times and in that moment we realized that there were five whales surrounding us! Were these the very whales who came to us in the meditation the night before? Hmmmm. We could hear very loud whale song floating up from the water and as we looked north, the huge dorsal fin of one of the singers emerged out of the water about fifteen feet from our kayak. It was coming right to us and we cought our breath as it slid quietly beneath us. At that moment we jumped into the ocean and for another hour were bathed in the most intense and magical whale song we have ever heard. We soon realized that there were two singers within feel of us. It felt as though the mystical, haunting melody was literally vibrating our very souls. We know that in that eternal moment, we were given a most special gift and will be integrating the powerful message for some time to come.


From Trish's Book:"The Art of Balance"

This work was inspired by my husband’s and my extraordinary experiences over the last eight years, swimming with the wild dolphins of Hawaii and our fascinating encounters with pilot whales and the majestic humpbacks.

True joy exploded in my being on our first trip to the Big Island of Hawaii, in pursuit of the magical, mystical dolphin experience in July 1993. We were invited by our good friend, Joan Ocean, world renowned dolphin communicator and author, to come along with her on her morning dolphin swim. We met her at her oceanside home and felt our excitement grow as we saw in her eyes the glint of glee that the dolphins were out there in the bay just waiting for us. The thought of being invited into the pod elicited both extreme anticipation and some timidity as we hurriedly got our gear together and entered the water. I have always been a great swimmer and even had some years as a life guard as a teen, but having snorkeled just once before, I had a bit of trepidation at the thought of swimming out into a very large bay in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Doug had many years of scuba experience and loved the ocean as if it was his natural home. In fact he can free dive about eighty-five feet. He took my hand and we three gently paddled out to meet our ocean friends. As we smoothly made our way toward the middle of the bay where the dolphins play, we began to hear their high pitched singing ringing in our ears. It was a delightful sensation and heightened our excitement with every kick of our fins. They sounded so joyous and an air of anticipation surrounded us.

The sounds became louder as we approached the general area where the dolphins swim. I could feel the goose bumps on my skin vibrate with excitement. Joan lifted her head and urged us to do the same so that we could see in the distance the black dorsal fins of the dolphins breaking the surface as they came up to breathe. They were about 100 feet away and seemed to be coming toward us. We put our heads back down into the water and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. The water was a deep turquoise blue, clear as crystal with streams of light dancing below us seeming to come right out of the sand and reaching upward in shimmering cosmic waves to the surface. The ocean held us in a warm embrace and we floated forward as if suspended in the universe. We could see the white sand beneath us and felt as though we were entering a world of magic. We knew in our hearts that this would be an extraordinary experience.

I gazed into the depths and looked all around us hoping to see the dolphins approaching us. Within just a few minutes, I began to feel a sensation on my skin that was delicious and felt as though millions of tiny, soft electrical shocks were being administered in waves of pulsation to every cell. At the same time, I could hear a pulsating purring sound that reminded me of a very happy kitten. From Joan’s video, I knew that this was the dolphins’ sonar.

Soon, my eyes widened with pleasure at the site of a beautiful spinner dolphin gliding toward me under the water. First there was one, then three, then eight or more. Majestic beings! Their exotic coloring delighted me. Their noses (rostrums) were long and sleek, unlike the bottlenose dolphins often seen in the movies, and their eyes were deep and tender, reminding me of the soft eyes of deer. They felt like old friends and my heart leapt with joy as they came right up to us and enfolded us in the pod. We giggled and laughed till our snorkel masks filled up with water! An explosion of wonder engulfed our senses and we marveled at the precious moments that unfolded. More and more dolphins surrounded us until we felt as though we were just one of the pod. We happily found ourselves gliding along right next to the dolphins as the world slipped away and we knew we were in an eternal moment of bliss.

That first day, we spent hours in giddy play. The dolphins graced us with their playful presence and opened our hearts to a deeper level than we had ever felt before. They stayed with us until we were spent with joy, slipping away to the end of the bay to leave us breathless and in awe. I knew that my life had changed profoundly within those few hours. Little did I know, though, that it would change so dramatically. The seed of joy was planted in my heart and I knew that we were being immersed in the deep profound joy of Spirit to some day, some how share with the world.

Looking into the eye of a humpback whale is an experience that moved me into the depths of my soul and catalyzed the unfolding of this work of deep essential joy. Seven years after the dolphins initiated the process, a whale calf came eye to eye with me during a group excursion in the Dominican Republic.

As our group of ten eager souls, hoping for a fantastic encounter in the ocean with the enormous cetaceans, excitedly clamored onto our small boat, the anticipation could be felt deep in our bones. We happily headed out to sea, breathing in the salty ocean air and feeling the warm Caribbean sun lighting up our grins of joy. We bounced along in glee, searching in all directions for the telltale spout of the whales. Like excited little children on an Easter egg hunt, the slightest sign of a change in the ocean surface brought an inhalation of expectation as we waited to see what it was.

Finally, we spotted a small spout of water and air about fifty yards away. This was a baby whale, a calf! Our captain pulled the boat ever so gently over toward the whale, so that we were about twenty feet away, and urged us to very quietly slip into the water. By this time we had all of our snorkel gear on and were ready to go. Doug and I positioned ourselves on the side of the boat so that we could easily and quietly enter the ocean. We gently lowered ourselves into the water and held our breaths, feeling our hearts pounding in our chests. The mother whale was hanging about twenty feet away from us and suspended twenty feet below the surface. Our eyes were mesmerized by her enormous size, but mostly by her gentle nature. We gazed upon her, knowing that we were experiencing something profound and awesome and felt as though we were in another world altogether. We knew that she trusted us as she deeply gazed into our eyes, sending waves of love into our hearts, opening the doors for universal wisdom.

Her calf was above her floating on the surface twenty feet away. We were suspended in this profound instant of time, in awe of each other, for what seemed to be a timeless moment. The calf, then, turned toward us and gently made its way directly to us with a grace that was very beautiful. We wondered how close she would come to us and if the mother whale would let her come very near. At about an eight-foot distance, the calf turned again so that she could look directly into our eyes. At that profound moment, I felt the expanse of the universe exploding in my third eye. In her eye I could “see” the oneness of all things; I could touch the divinity inherent within the matrix of life. I could feel a depth of wisdom that reached deep down to the core of my being, to the true essence of connection. It was sacred and indescribable. I would never be the same. I knew I was to stop my outer activities and go deep within to find the deep essential joy to share with the world.


An Inspiring Story of Whale Rescue
Front page story of the SF Chronicle--Thu, Dec 15, 2005

A female humpback whale who had become entangled in a spider web of crab traps and lines. She was weighted down by 100s of pounds of traps that caused her to struggle to stay afloat.
She had 100s of yards of line (rope) wrapped around her body - her tail, her torso, a line tugging in her mouth. A fisherman spotted her just east of the Farralone Islands (outside the Golden Gate) and radioed an environmental group for help. Within a few hours the rescue team arrived and determined that she was so bad off, the only way to save her was to dive in and untangled her - a very dangerous proposition; One slap of the tail could kill a few rescuers. They worked for hours with curved knives and eventually freed her.

When she was free, the divers say she swam in what seemed like joyous circles. She then came back to each and every diver, one at a time, and nudged them, pushed them gently around - she thanked them... some say it was the most incredibly beautiful experience of their lives. The guy who cut the rope out of her mouth says her eye was following him the whole time, and he will never be the same.

""Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." It is man's sympathy with all creatures that first makes him truly a man." ( Nietzche )


Click here to view a 30 min. video about the Retreats that includes dolphin footage

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