Phenomenal Experiences
with the Whales & Dolphins
The Whale Pink Sine Wave
from the 2012 Whales of Tonga Retreat

Photographed by Susan (Suu) Feathers
Whale Channeling about the Pink Whale Sine Wave 2012
Greetings to you from the depths of our hearts, the ocean of love, the ocean of oneness. To be in our presence in the ocean was a gift to us as well as our gift to you as we gave to you our energy. 

You are asking about the sine wave that we have projected onto the negatives of Suu Feathers. The sine wave is, of course, another indication to you and to your groups that the pink bubble of love that you create is an energy form of love that is projected into our hearts from you and then projected back to you from our hearts in the form of this beautiful sine wave. The fact that Suu herself was also having the intention, and we have given her the vision of the flower that she projected from her heart into the water with us, catalyzed the activity of this sine wave.

Her consciousness was open to a magical event. And in projecting the energy of the pink flower constantly into the water, our perception as we created that thought in her mind, then created a physical form in which she could also connect with the pink energy of love in the way we have shown. Just like the dolphins, we are giving your group this gift through Suu in order to enable them to understand the power of their intention for connecting with us and merging with us and our intention of connecting and merging with your group. And so it is a beautiful way for you to see in your third dimensional senses what we are extending to you in fifth dimensional reality. It is a physical projection of love that you and we have co-created together.


From the Photographer of this Phenomenon:
Susan (Suu) Feathers

"It's so interesting. After the first swim with the whales, I was experiencing this lovely pinkish flower-pattern in a circle radiating from my heart area. So the next day on the boat I just radiated that flower repeatedly into the water to the whales. That day what returned was the same flower in a lovely teal and aqua color. The two were kind of meeting, moving through one another, and radiating together. Since then that pinkish/ fushia flower just keeps blossoming and radiating outward. It's quite amazing, sometimes bringing my to tears, and always so deeply softening. I keep trying to draw it so I can paint it. It's like the 'seed of life' pattern, from the flower of life pattern. I'll share when I finally succeed."

From Trish Regan: Facilitator of the Retreat
When we viewed these amazing photos, we knew instantly that this was a special photographic phenomenon that was a gift from the whales to us all, through Suu. When these individual photos are examined closely, there is a small, complete whale image in each of them, which, in our third dimensional awareness would be impossible. The reason for this is that, when we were swimming with the whales, they were so close to us that Suu's camera would not be able to take in a whole whale! We see this as a very special gift as well.

Some years ago, one of our participants in our advanced dolphin retreat in Hawaii captured the same phenomenon (sine wave from the dolphins.) To see that image, please click here:

See below for the 2006 Pink Dolphin Sine Wave!

"Kissed by a Whale"
I wish to share with you the most astounding experience I have had in more than 12 years of swimming with whales! Recently, during our 2012 Whales of Tonga Retreat in the beautiful Kingdom of Tonga, I experienced the closest encounter ever with a huge female humpback.

On our first day out in the boat, we had traveled some hours before coming upon five large adult whales. I held the hand of one of our participants who needed just a little bit of support on this first swim with the enormous beings of the sea.

As we gazed down into the blue we could see these friendly whales swimming below about thirty feet or so with one or two gliding up to the surface to swim very close and look into our eyes. At one point, as we were keeping our eyes on one huge female humpback (about fifty feet long!) who was about thirty feet below and maybe fifty feet ahead of us, we saw that she began to head up through the water directly toward us.

This was so exciting as we knew she was heading right for us and thought it was wonderful that she was so clearly in contact with us two as we floated on the surface together. When this female got to about ten feet away from our faces, I thought to myself, “Surely she will turn or dive under so as not to hit us!”

Alas, she just kept coming! I could not believe my eyes when her rostrum (nose) was now looming just about two to three feet from our noses! At that point I admit I panicked a bit thinking, “She is going to really hit us!” Conscious of my responsibility to protect my participant clutching my hand, I instinctively started to push her to the side to avoid the collision, when suddenly, quietly and gently, the whale slipped down beneath us … not a touch or bump! It was as if we were being kissed by the whale! We could have reached out and touched her jaw, which looked as if it was a wall about four feet high!

When the experience was over, my partner in this experience and I let out a breath of awe and felt frozen in disbelief for some moments. She told me that she, in fact, knew the female would not hit us and was in total trust. She said, “I ‘might’ have done the same as you – but not really sure – I had such trust – I felt like I was just completely present with the whale, I didn’t feel separation – I was entirely in the moment. I do think it is natural and instinctive to want to protect.”

The whale gave me a telepathic message just then that said, “You must TRUST.” This was such a profound lesson for me to trust the universe. She showed me that even when life seems to be coming at me at times like a freight train and things may look scary or frightful, I must go inside and find the place of deep trust. It also showed me how fully aware and conscious the whales are in their perceptions of space as this large female knew exactly where we were in proximity to her.

She told me that we can always trust our souls, our guidance, the universe and all the powers that be that all is in PERFECT DIVINE ORDER. This message seems particularly important in this year of 2012 with its changes that are accelerating at lightening speed. I hope this story inspires you!

Note: The photo above is not the same whale … my photos did not turn out that day. The photo was taken at another Whales of Tonga Retreat. You can see what it looks like to have a whale coming right to you!

The "Ascension Flame"

We wish to share with you these phenomenal photographs of energy that we received from the 2010 Tonga Whales and information about how you can use the "ascension flame" photograph to assist in accessing your higher aspects of your souls. When we have time we will be putting many more photos on our Whales of Tonga page with information about our trips next year.

"Ascension Flame" Photo

This photo came through our underwater camera and when we saw it, we were amazed at the power we felt when viewing it! We asked the whales in a channeled message what it meant. First, we will tell you that this was taken on our very last day of our Week Two group. Please see the information below about this photo.

During both weeks, we had some challenging weather but did manage to have some really fantastic swims. The very first day, we were in the middle of a "heat run" with at least four male humpbacks chasing a female (as you may know, the whales come up from the Antarctic to mate and give birth in the Tongan waters.) It was absoluely thrilling to be so close to these powerful beings rushing and surging through the ocean with might and determination that was awesome to see! We caught our breaths when they would blow amazing sounds from their blow holes as they surged ahead right next to our boat. Whale after whale would surface on the right, on the left ... we felt as though we were a part of the fray ... so thrilling and exciting and powerful!

For several times, we had the priviledge to float calmly and peacefully above and next to a mother and calf. These times seemed like an eternity of bliss to each of us. At one of these precious moments, the calf was hiding under the nose of the mother below us when slowly and beautifully, she came out from her hiding place to seem like she was kissing her mother. Beautiful.

The very last day of Week Two is when we received the photo above and the one below. The "ascension flame" that came through was astonishing and matched our feelings when we had the fantastic experience of having three whales dance with us for a whole three hours! We spotted the whales right away on that day, and when the boat gently came close to them it was clear they wanted to swim with us.

To make a long story short (and I might write more about this in my blog), we had the most amazing time with these three whales "dancing" with us over and over for hours... they would swirl around us, glide below us, spiral and play and come so close we could almost touch them (knowing that they were keenly aware of our every movement and kept their tails and fins just far away from us to keep us safe.)

They continually looked straight into our eyes as if to say, "Do not worry about a thing ... all is in perfect Divine Order." The eye contact was phenomenal as each time we made that contact it was as if we were looking into the heart of God. Needless to say we were "zapped" to the core of our beings.

Upon receiving the photo above, we asked the whales to explain this phenomenon to us. In a channeled message they told us that this "ascension flame" energy was to create an access to the 10th and 11th dimension so that we could more easily access the aspects of our souls that exist on the other dimensions. The reason for this is that we can receive more information and energy from these aspects that can assist us in our evolutionary ascension processes. They told us to share this with all so that each of you can, if you choose, meditate upon this image of the "ascension flame" and ask your Higher Self to assist you to make this journey as well into these higher dimensional fields. See what you feel when you view it and go into a quiet place within. You can ask for energy transmissions and Light.

"Pink Ray" Photo:

This particular photograph is a phenomena that also showed up on our film from that last day. We were told by the whales that it represented the love energy that binds us with the whales in a deep communication. Each time, before we motor out on the boat to meet the whales, we practice sending a pink ray of love from our hearts into a bubble to expand and encompass all the whales in the area.

They told us that this love energy creates a merging of their and our energies and also assists us to move to the higher levels of our Spirit.


The Dolphin Pink Sine Wave
from the 2006 "Mastering Joy, Level II" Dolphin Retreat

Photographed by Deanna Myson and Calvin Merritt

This phenomenal series of underwater photos was photographed by Deanna Myson and Calvin Merritt who attended our "Mastering Joy, Level II" Dolphin Retreat in March of 2006. These are some of the most extraordinary "spirit photos" we have ever seen! During our retreats we always create a "pink bubble of love" around our human pod and merge this with the pod energy of the dolphins with whom we swim.

We were awe struck when we received the series of photos from Deanna and Cal, numbered in sequence from 1 to 6, and could see how this wave of love magically manifested on film to confirm what we feel during the retreats ... immersed and surrounded by the dolphin energy of unconditional love! See channeled explanation from the dolphins below.

Below are enlarged photos, in sequence from top left.
(click on each for a bigger size)

Message from the Dolphins:
"The energy frequency that you see visually as a pink wave of light was created by our collective dolphin mind to remind you that what you intend is manifest in your third dimension and is created by your will. The sphere of vibrational resonance that exists when you are intimately merging with our pod energy is emanating throughout the retreat experience and this photographic visual was created so that you can see what is occurring with your groups. Through the intention of the group it is allowed that you are vibrating at a very high frequency that matches our resonant vibration.

The reason that the Light shows itself to you as a wave is because when participants leave the enclosed retreat energy, and the bubble of love, they take with them a spiral wave of this refined love Light that continues over their lifetimes. Your work is life-changing and those who experience the work can bring home with them the wave of love that flows with the liquid Light of their souls' essence."



Doug Hackett and Trish Regan

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