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Whale Light Activation CD

Becoming Translucent & Transparent

...a Powerful Group Healing with the Whales

Get the CD of this 60 minute Teleseminar
that was done live on Nov. 20, 2006

Personal Investment $25

Group Healing: Three Part Process
1. Body Energy Awareness:
We will enter our hearts, beginning there, and with our consciousness travel throughout the body bringing awareness to and accessing any areas of energy blockage.

2. Whale Song Clearing:
The sounds of the whales will awaken the soul of each cell of our bodies enlightening the heaviness within so that we may release the blocked energy and become translucent, allowing our inner Light to illuminated every cell.

3. Transcendent Toning:
The whales will channel through my voice high frequency tones which will assist the boundaries of the body to become transparent allowing the transcendent Light within us to shine forth unimpeded by our resistance.

$ 25.00

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